Le Ponant deck 1 plan (Mistral-Cabins-Crew-Hospital)

Deck layout and review

Review of Le Ponant deck 1 (Mistral-Cabins-Crew-Hospital)

Midship on Mistral Deck are located a total of 11x oceanview staterooms (categories Prestige Suite, Junior Suite, Prestige Stateroom, Standard Stateroom).

The Sickbay/Infirmary is a medical facility (positioned midship-starboard) served by a resident physician on 24-hour duty. General health insurance policies do not apply, so buying cruise health insurance is recommended.

The fore-located staff and crew cabins are inaccessible to passengers.

Aft is also a crew-only zone housing the yacht's machinery and service areas - engine room, propulsion room, fuel tanks, sewage treatment plant.