VIDEO: Fastest electric ship Candela P-12 Shuttle to enter Stockholm in 2023

   July 3, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

The world's fastest electric ship - Candela P-12 Shuttle - is scheduled to enter Stockholm’s waters in 2023, in an effort to shape the water transportation future.

The archipelago of 14 islands makes up the capital of Sweden and is connected by a total of 57 bridges. Stockholm has long been home to marine transportation. The country has one of the largest per capita recreational boating industries in the world, with an estimated fleet of 756,000 leisure vessels. However, there is a significant environmental cost to this. Fast-moving boats pose a risk to the seabed, while engine noise disrupts marine wildlife.

Candela P-12 is advertised by its manufacturers as the most energy-efficient electric ship ever built, in addition to being the fastest of its kind. The innovative vessel will be shuttling citizens between the Stockholm suburb of Ekerö and the city center. Flying across the water, the 30-guest electric vessel features a speed of 30 knots which is considerably faster than any other electric vessel in the world. Candela P-12 also provides faster commuting than the bus and subway lines it competes with, along with being infinitely more energy-efficient than the diesel ships currently servicing the same route. Candela P-12 is also faster than traveling by car in rush hour.

The secret to the vessel's high speed and long range are the 3 carbon-fiber wings that extend from under the hull. The active hydrofoils allow the unique ship to lift itself above the water, decreasing drag.