SAGA Cruises marks Spirit of Adventure’s and Spirit of Discovery’s anniversaries

   July 10, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

SAGA UK marked the first anniversary of Spirit of Adventure’s maiden voyage (July 6th) and Spirit of Discovery’s 3rd anniversary (July 10th).

Despite the COVID crisis, Spirit of Discovery sailed ~145,000 NM/nautical miles, completed a total of 48 voyages, visited 273 different destinations, and served 2825 shore excursions. Spirit of Adventure navigated ~80,000 NM, with a total of 23 voyages, 144 destinations, and 1617 shore excursions.

Although the boutique vessels are small with a capacity of 987 passengers, every need has been catered for with 36.9M meals served and ~668,000 bottles of wine poured across both ships since they undertook their inaugural voyages.

Gin & tonic tops the poll for the most popular alcoholic drink, while filet steak is the top meal choice onboard the SAGA ships. Passengers also make their way through ~3,100 cups of tea per day and since the liners began sailing some 5.7M eggs, 9,200 kg of lobster, 13,500 kg of Dover sole, as well as a whopping 190,000 kg of smoked salmon have been served.

The state-of-the-art onboard gyms have helped travelers burn off the calories and ~12,000 vacationers have made use of the spas to enjoy the top treatment of acupuncture.

Spirit of Adventure cruise ship

Across the two cruise ships 150+ guest entertainers including the likes of Rustie Lee and Jools Holland, and 200+ guest speakers including author and journalist Martin Sixsmith; champion jockey, Bob Champion CBE; and Royal Yeoman, Robert Large, graced the stage.