Turkey’s new Black Sea harbour Amasra-Bartin welcomes first cruise ship

   August 4, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Turkey’s brand new harbor in the Bartin province - Amasra Harbour hosted its first passenger ship on Wednesday, August 3.

The construction of the Black Sea harbor, tendered by the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry back in 2018, is currently 90% complete.

It was built with an investment of TL 78 million (US$ 4,3 million).

The Panama-flagged cruise ship Astoria Grande/fka AIDAcara arrived at Amasra from homeport Sochi (Russia) via Istanbul, with ~350 tourists onboard.

The boat's next call port in Turkey is Sinop.

Port of Amasra-Bartin (Turkey)

Amasra is popular for its culinary culture, natural beauties, and historical structures. The town's Archaeological Museum (located on the waterfront) has ruins both on land and underwater. Other tourist attractions include Amasra Castle (built by the Romans, fortified by the Byzantines and the Genoese), Fatih Mosque (9th-century Byzantine church), the Kuskayası Monument (aka Bird's Rock Road Monument/built by the Roman Governor Gaius Julius Aquila during the reign of Emperor Tiberius Claudius).