Pullmantur Horizon cruise ship to be scrapped at Turkey's Aliaga Shipbreaking Yard

   August 29, 2022 ,   Accidents

After ~2 years in Greece (moored at Port Elefsina/Eleusis), the last Pullmantur ship set sail on her final voyage: Pullmantur Horizon is heading to Turkey's Aliaga Shipbreaking Yard where she will be beached and scrapped.

With the dismantling of MV Horizon, the entire fleet of Pullmantur ceases to exist. The only exception is Zenith, which left the company shortly before the start of the COVID crisis and sits idle in the Middle East.

Operated by Pullmantur until 2020, MV Horizon was moored in the Bay of Elefsis (Greece). 

The ship is now en route to the Turkish scrapyard Aliaga, where she will be scrapped in the coming days. The vessel's construction materials, systems, equipment, and furniture, will be removed for reuse/recycling.

MV Sovereign and MV Monarch, which were also part of Pullmantur fleet before the crisis, were sold to scrap metal as soon as Pullmantur filed for bankruptcy back in July 2020. 

Pullmantur Horizon cruise ship

Pullmantur Horizon was built in 1990 for Celebrity Cruises, and then transferred to Pullmantur together with MV Zenith. The vessel has undergone a few name changes over the years: Island Star (1995), Pacific Dream (2009), Horizon (2011). In October 2008, RCI-Royal Caribbean transferred the ship to Pullmantur, starting operations in May 2009 under the new name Pacific Dream.