Miray's Life at Sea Cruises announces industry's first 3-year World Voyage on MV Gemini

   March 1, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The industry's ever-longest/first 3-year World Voyage, offered on MV Gemini ship by Life at Sea Cruises (new travel brand launched by Miray International/shipowner) is setting sail this November and visiting 135 different countries across the globe.

Passengers are able to board for just GBP70 (US$125.21) per night.

Setting sail from Istanbul (Turkey) on November 1st, the 3-year journey across a total of 209,214 km will call at 375 destinations (ports and islands) on the 7 continents. The ship will also be picking up passengers from Barcelona (Spain) and Miami (Florida USA).

Vacationers will be able to see 13 World Wonders, including India's Taj Mahal, Brazil's Christ the Redeemer in Rio, and Rome's Colosseum.

MV Gemini is expected to dock for up to 7 nights at a single destination.

Onboard, there are a variety of staterooms to choose from. Fares for the entry-level cabins ('Inside/Outside Staterooms') start at US$3,726 per month for cabins ranging between 130-140 ft2 (12-13 m2). The 'Junior Suites/Balcony Suites' are the most luxurious onboard, ranging 210-260 ft2 (19.5-24 m2), and start at US$9,989 per month, which works out to US$119,294 per year per person.

Travelers can either pay monthly or pay the entire 3 years upfront, with the option to finance the payment. They will not be able to book shorter stays.

The reselling of staterooms is not allowed. Guests (including kids) can visit at any time.

MV Gemini cruise ship

The Around-the-World Voyage is also available in smaller itinerary segments.

  • The 206-day "Explore the Mesmerizing Landscapes of the South Pacific & Australia" itinerary visits 71 destinations in 26 countries.
  • The 177-day "Embrace Europe's Timeless Charms" itinerary visits 74 destinations in 38 countries.
  • The 173-day "Journey to the Heart of North Asia" itinerary visits 54 destinations in 32 countries.
  • The 169-day "Cultural Heritage in Asia and the South China Sea" itinerary visits 55 destinations in 12 countries.
  • The 98-day "A Journey Through South America and Antarctica" itinerary visits 35 destinations in 11 countries.
  • The 98-day "North America & Hawaii" itinerary visits 32 destinations in 8 countries.
  • The 70-day "Journey to the Heart of North Asia" itinerary visits 23 destinations in 4 countries.
  • The 67-day "Discover the Beauty of the Caribbean & Central America" itinerary visits 29 destinations in 23 countries.

Reservations for Life at Sea's Gemini 3-year voyage open today, March 1st.

Prior to the Life at Sea Cruises service, MV Gemini is scheduled for an extensive drydock refurbishment. During the drydocking will be added a Business Center that consists of 2x meeting rooms and 14x offices (available for rent), Library, Relaxation Lounge, Cafe Bar. The Business Center will be fitted with large LED screens, modern audio-video equipment, printers, Wi-Fi Internet, and will be served by dedicated assistance staff.