RCI-Royal Caribbean publishes first consultation report for Royal Beach Club Bahamas/Paradise Island

   May 30, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The initial public consultation report for the Royal Beach Club on Paradise Island, undertaken by RCI-Royal Caribbean International, has been released in accordance with the strict assessment requirements set by The Bahamas' Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP).

This report addresses various inquiries received during and after the public consultation meeting held in September 2021. It covers a wide range of topics, including the environmental impact and economic benefits associated with the proposed development.

Initially, the release of the report was delayed by mutual agreement between the government of The Bahamas and Royal Caribbean as they were renegotiating the economic proposal for the project. The renegotiation concluded earlier this year. The report's publication follows an approval-in-principle granted by the National Economic Council, pending further due diligence.

Following discussions with DEPP, RCI has decided to reduce the size of the site plan from 20 acres to 17 acres. Consequently, in collaboration with DEPP, the cruise line has arranged an additional public consultation meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 8th, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. EDT at Queen's College. This meeting aims to discuss the Environmental Impact Assessment submitted to DEPP in December 2020 and provide updates on the proposed development. The supplementary consultation will allow the public to offer comments and ask questions regarding the project.

Jay Schneider, Chief Product Innovation Officer, RCI said that the company had made 6 key environmental commitments in the development and operation of the Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island that exceeded nearly all similar land-based development projects.

"These include: zero waste-to-landfill, achieving 100% renewable energy production by 2030, best-in-class wastewater treatment, no dredging, protecting and enhancing the surrounding habitats, and local environmental monitoring during construction and operation.

“We value the engagement of the community and look forward to sharing these details, among others, at the upcoming supplemental public consultation.”