Greek police arrested 3 criminals pickpocketing cruise ship tourists in Santorini

   September 18, 2023 ,   Accidents

Greek law enforcement authorities have successfully dismantled a criminal organization that had been systematically engaging in pickpocketing activities targeting tourists in the bustling tourist hotspots of Santorini Island.

This operation has culminated in the apprehension of three foreign nationals suspected to be members of the said criminal ring. They now face charges related to criminal organization and theft.

According to information provided by the police, one of the organization's members had assigned the other two individuals with the task of identifying unsuspecting tourists, primarily focusing on the popular tourist destinations of Oia and Fira/Thira (Santorini's cruise port). Adopting the guise of fellow travelers, they would approach these tourists and employ deft sleight-of-hand techniques to discreetly pilfer personal belongings from them.

Their primary targets were disembarking cruise ship passengers, taking advantage of the brief duration of their visits to the island, which often hindered victims from promptly reporting the thefts to the authorities.

The Greek police released a statement, stating:

"From the Police Sub-Directorate of Thira, a criminal organization has been dismantled, the members of which have been systematically involved in pickpocketing tourists in densely populated tourist areas of the island for at least the last month."

During the police operation, the primary leader and one member of the criminal organization were apprehended while in the act of attempting theft. Subsequently, the third member of the group was also taken into custody.

Upon conducting searches, the authorities uncovered and seized a sum of €1,975 in the possession of the suspects. As of now, three theft cases have been resolved, and investigators are actively examining their potential involvement in additional incidents.

The arrested individuals, against whom formal charges have been filed, are slated to appear before the Naxos Court of First Instance to undergo further legal proceedings.