Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic cruise partnership extended through 2040

   November 16, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Lindblad Expeditions Holdings, a prominent figure in the expedition cruises and adventure travel sector, has revealed a substantial extension and expansion of its strategic partnership with National Geographic, a renowned brand in exploration and scientific discovery.

The extended agreement spans an additional 17 years, committing both companies until 2040.

The collaboration aims to tap into new global audiences through three strategic market opportunities:

  • Global Rights to National Geographic Brand for Expedition Cruises: Lindblad Expeditions gains global rights to the National Geographic brand for expedition cruises, enabling fleet capacity expansion and entry into additional market segments.
  • Leverage of The Walt Disney Company: Lindblad will leverage The Walt Disney Company, an affiliate of National Geographic Partners, for product distribution through Disney's influential sales channels, along with collaborative marketing campaigns.
  • Enhancements to Onboard Guest Experience: The partnership aims to enrich the onboard guest experience with more immersive storytelling and experiences aligned with the National Geographic brand.

The expanded collaboration aligns with Lindblad Expeditions' global growth strategy, positioning the brand as a leader in the expedition cruise sector. The agreement is designed to boost earnings potential by tapping into larger markets, expanding into additional segments, and enhancing the consumer base.

Key elements of the agreement include:

  • A global license to use the National Geographic Expeditions brand for co-branded trips on expedition ships.
  • Exclusivity on trips marketed in the United States and Canada for ships with a capacity of up to 295 passengers, with potential global expansion and inclusion of ships with up to 530 passengers.
  • A global license to market co-branded river cruises.

The distribution of Lindblad Expeditions' products through The Walt Disney Company's sales channels is highlighted as a significant aspect of the agreement, enabling access to new audiences and contributing to overall capacity and earnings growth.

The collaboration promises to integrate more National Geographic content into every step of the expedition, enhancing in-field interactions with National Geographic Experts. Lindblad Expeditions, with its longstanding history in expedition cruising, and National Geographic, known for its educational travel expertise, aim to inspire and engage explorers globally.

Throughout the partnership, both entities have actively contributed to conservation, education, and scientific research initiatives. The Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund, generating US$20 million, has supported various global initiatives. Additionally, the partnership has facilitated the Grosvenors Teachers Fellowship program, bringing over 365 educators into the expedition experience and fostering knowledge transfer to students through educational initiatives.