Listing Carnival Legend Scares Passengers: Video

   September 8, 2016 ,   Accidents

Passengers aboard Carnival Legend sailing into Victoria experienced scary moments when the ship listed sharply to one side, thus sending dishes crashing to the floor and pools draining on outside deck.

Watch the water flow from the swimming pools aboard the Carnival ship. There was a failure in the propulsion system about an hour and a half away from Victoria BC on Sunday, August 28, at around 6:00 pm PST. 

Some passengers reported they had been directed by crew to move to the opposite side of ship as safety precaution. 

Carnival spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz announced that initial reports the ship had listed 30 degrees were incorrect.

"Carnival Legend experienced a technical issue related to the ship's starboard steering gear which caused the ship to unexpectedly list,"

"The issue was rapidly corrected and the ship proceeded on to its scheduled stop in Victoria, B.C. where it arrived a few hours later."

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