Cruise Ports in Hong Kong Serve 1.7 Million Passengers in 2017

   July 25, 2018 ,   Cruise Industry

Hong Kong’s major cruise ports, Ocean and Kai Tak, handled a total of 1.7 million passengers last year, up 4.4% on 2016.

However, 708,000 cruise vacationers were Hong Kong ‘homeporters’ choosing to begin and end their holiday from Ocean and Kai Tak terminals. Cruise passenger numbers soared by more than 58% in 2017. In 2007, only 133,000 cruise passengers were Hong Kong homeporters, and the number dropped to 100,000 during 2009 global financial crisis.

Port of Hong Kong

In 2017, the mainland Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Macau and Taiwanese cruise passengers accounted for 80% of holidaymakers who started their voyage from a Hong Kong terminal. More than half of homeport cruisers lived in Hong Kong and they more than doubled in number since the previous year. Further 20% of the homeport cruisers in 2017 came from Chinese mainland.

Outside the Greater Chinese region, the Indian cruisers were those who grew fastest in Hong Kong homeport terms, and the growth was significant. Indian nationals starting a cruise directly from Hong Kong soared 255% in 2017 to over 12,000. 

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