Bahamas Paradise Ship Denied Entry to Cuba

   February 17, 2019 ,   Accidents

A cruise ship that was sailing towards Havana on Friday, February 15, was denied entry to Cuba. Currently, travelers are upset while travel organizers are working to understand why they could not get into the country.

Bahamas Paradise’s ship, Grand Classica, departed from the Port of Palm Beach on Thursday for her maiden cruise to Cuba. The vessel would have arrived in the port of Havana at 7:00 a.m. on Friday. Some passengers would have gotten off the cruise ship to explore the island, while some Cuban nationals would have been allowed to temporarily board and reunite with family and friends.

According to Bahamas Parade Cruises spokesperson, the travel agency Viva Travels chartered Grand Classica and despite prior approval from the government of Cuba, they were denied entry for "unknown reasons."

The cruise ship left Cuba and made her way to the Bahamas. Grand Classica is due to return to West Palm Beach on Monday, February 18.