MSC Cruises Offers Drone-Flying Classes

   July 23, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

MSC Cruises is now making a major play for the young market via finding creative ways to keep children under-17 well entertained. Company’s Children’s Entertainment Manager, Matteo Mancini, said that with the 13-17-year-olds (making up 40% of all young passengers), MSC had been compelled to create “new teen-focused entertainment activities” and a new web series aimed at the demographic.

Mancini added that MSC Dance Crew, Spy Mission, and Drone Academy will be launched onboard MSC Gradiosa later this year.

MSC Grandiosa cruise ship

MSC’s Dance Crew is expected to invite cruisers ages 12-17 to battle it out and win the dance crew of the year award. Spy Mission will give young travelers a chance to take part in an immersive game that finds them locating clues as well as solving mysteries to earn prizes.

The drone program, created with London-based immersive agency The Department, seems most likely to catch the attention of teenagers. They will learn how to operate the machines at Drone Academy, and then be given the opportunity to compete in teams. They will race through a 5,000 ft2 arena while navigating fifteen different obstacles in the fastest time possible.

As for in-development web series, “Cabin 12006” is due to follow the teenager Markus as he embarks on his first-ever cruise vacation and finds adventure on the seas. Markus will quickly discover that Cabin 12006 aboard MSC Bellissima is full of unanswered questions as well as more than a few surprises.

The new youth-centered options are in addition to the ones already offered by MSC, including LEGO Experience, a dedicated sports program, and Family Explorer Club, that helps create shore trip experiences with the family in mind.