Jersey to Boast a Deep Water Berth?

   September 2, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Jersey Island UK's port authorities are currently investigating plans for a deep water berth able to accommodate cruise ships. The new, multi-million-pound project is considered as part of a Harbour Master Plan that is expected to be made public soon. It's part of Ports of Jersey's effort to gain a greater share of the growing cruise market.

Guernsey Island UK, which features deeper waters off St Peter Port, is anticipating to attract ~90 cruise ships in 2019, compared to 10 for Jersey.

According to a Ports of Jersey spokesperson, despite the restrictions they faced in accommodating larger ships because of the nature of their coastal waters, the feedback they received from cruise operators and their passengers as a destination was very positive and as a result, they did see a repeat in business.

So far in 2019, 5,500 cruise passengers have visited the island that is also promoted to the tourist industry as a destination under the 'Cruise Jersey' brand.

Jersey Island (St Helier, Channel Islands)

Ports of Jersey regularly attend exhibitions and seminars to raise awareness of the island as a cruise ship destination. Details of how the investment required for the deepwater berth will be achieved are to be decided soon.

In Guernsey, it was estimated the cruise sector is worth over GBP 4 million per year to the economy of the island.