Top Travel Cruise Destinations for US Citizens

   October 9, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Everyone loves to travel. We all love to feel the excitement that comes with being away from home. Cruising has proven to be the best way to do this, the sensuous view of the ocean and the ability to see a lot of places all at once is heavenly.

United States of America records tons of cruisers who route the city, for several reasons, the new life it immediately breathes at your first entry, to the beautiful gems and museums, the delicious foods, the very interesting and intelligent people amongst several others. However, as much as America is beautiful, Americans still love to experience other places. Americans are natural cruisers.

Typically, for any cruise leaving the U.S. port to places like Bahamas, Florida, New England, a valid passport is required. In cases where there is no passport, a state-certified birth certificate for cruises, or an original certificate of U.S. citizenship and naturalization, this is to issue a new passport, however, for a Hawaii inter-island cruise, as long as you don't go beyond the islands, all you need is a government-issued photo.  

Also, for cruisers leaving from a non-U.S. port, you are required to have a valid passport of nothing less than 6 months expiration. Generally, when preparing for any cruise, ensure to read your traveler's checklist, research the destination well to have a spot to look out for, delicacies to explore and other activities to experience. Ensure to apply for your passport, by providing your birth certificate for cruises early enough.

Top Travel Cruise Destinations for US Citizens

The question is, where else is as beautiful as America that gives a fascinating and top-notch experience as always:


States like Bahamas, Dominica, Cuba, Jamaica and several other countries are found fascinating by a lot of Americans. Their beaches give an aura of luxury particularly when you travel through the Caribbean cruise. Highly rich in good food, museums, scuba-diving. The pleasure is just indescribable.


Hungary and Budapest are the most exciting destination for any cruiser, the best way to experience all of it is to take a river cruise. It is the capital of warm, soaking, mineral-rich waters, world-class opera performance, large indoors and outdoors pools and very gallant architecture. Indeed, it’s everyone’s choice. 


Remember the vibe around the Game of Thrones? Tour Dubrovnik and be sure of such experience, its medieval feel makes it a great choice for many lovers of culture and arts.


This is the top spot for many American cruisers. Many cruise ships spend hours in front of the Margerie Glacier, which allows travelers to view the ice picturesque. 


Singapore is just so clean, sophisticated and well structured, you find everything well-articulated. It is easy to navigate, and a popular spot is the Orchard Road, Sentosa and the colonial district.

You ought to enjoy your next cruise, and it starts by preparing properly. Read our recommendations for cruise destinations, let's know the destination you found fascinating and which you visited.