Ovation of the Seas Passengers in Shock After White Island Eruption

   December 10, 2019 ,   Accidents

Passengers from Ovation of the Seas say they are in a "state of shock" after the eruption on New Zealand's White Island claimed the lives of fellow tourists.

At least 38 passengers from the ship went to the island on Monday, December 9. So far, 5 people are confirmed dead and another 8 missing, while a further 31 are in hospital for treatment - some with horrific burns on up to 90% of their bodies. Most of the ship's passengers are from Australia.

Piping-hot steam, ash, and gas spewed into the sky while 47 tourists were visiting the island. The victims range in age between 13-72. A total of 24 are from Australia, 9 from USA, 5 from New Zealand, 4 from Germany, 2 from China, 2 from UK, and 1 from Malaysia.

Of those on the island, 38 were cruise passengers from Ovation of the Seas which made her way to New Zealand from Sydney, Australia and were sailing on a boat operated by White Island Tours.

Ovation Of The Seas cruise ship

The ship is due to depart from Tauranga at 7:15 Wednesday morning, October 11, and locals have planned to farewell the travelers by applauding as they leave. 

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