Saudi Arabia launches luxury leisure voyages along the Red Sea coast

   August 9, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Saudi Arabian residents will be able to enjoy luxury cruises on the Red Sea for the very first time. The leisure voyages have been launched as part of the Break Free campaign of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), which aims to highlight the cultural gems and promote domestic tourism in the kingdom.

There will be a choice of itineraries along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, with passengers promised a variety of onboard dining and entertainment options. The cruise operator is yet to be announced. STA confirmed it had invited top companies to operate the programmes.

The authority partnered with the Ministry of Health, tour operators, as well as other parties to put strict safety measures in place.

Port of Jeddah Saudi Arabia

The first liner is expected to sail from Jeddah to the northern province of Saudi Arabia on August 10.

The Break Free campaign, running through the end of September, covers ten destinations around Saudi Arabia with an emphasis on the Red Sea coast.