ACL-American Cruise Lines requires COVID vaccination

   March 24, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

The USA's largest river cruise company ACL-American Cruise Lines surprised its customers booked on the initial voyages with a COVID-19 vaccination requirement that has not been published.

Following the beginning of coastal cruises on March 13, ACL revised its policy that a couple of negative COVID tests would be required - the first one several days prior to boarding and the second right prior to embarking.

However, ACL now requires passengers on its sailings through April 10, 2021, to be fully vaccinated, which affects the first few cruises of the line's new ship for the Mississippi, American Jazz.

The vaccination mandate, which is not listed on the website or social media channels of American Cruise Lines, caught travelers scheduled to sail on the Mississippi and other cruises unaware.

Numerous cruise companies have already issued vaccine requirements for future voyages. Though American said its mandate was in effect for sailings until April 10, according to its spokesperson that could change.

Competitor AQSC-American Queen Steamboat Company also requires vaccinations, though only for sailings departing from July 2021 onward.