Dream Cruises starts 2021 Taiwan Island-hopping itineraries with Explorer Dream

   April 13, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Explorer Dream ship debuted in Taiwan as the world's first cruise liner to resume passenger shipping operations in Asia since July 2020.

The island-hopping itineraries to Penghu (Magong), Kinmen, Hualien, and Matsu Island return in spring and summer 2021 with special "Mazu cruises" just in time for the annual “Mazu March Mania” pilgrimage to temples held in March of every lunar year. The Explorer Dream ship will embark on Mazu sailings throughout April, so travelers will have the opportunity to visit Kinmen Jincheng Tianhou Temple, Magang Mazu Temple, and Penghu Tianhou Temple in a single voyage.

Another highlight is the annual Penghu International Fireworks Festival, which returns this year from April 22 through June 28. 

The island-hopping cruise aboard Explorer Dream is complete with a line-up of immersive experiences at sea, such as Bohemian and Thailand theme sailings, as well as the Taiwan debut of the cruise line's signature wellness program Vitamin Sea & Dream.

Dream Cruises' Bridal Portraits at The Palace Package aboard Explorer Dream features a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, as well as the natural backdrop of the Taiwan Strait. This package offers 2-night accommodation in the Palace Suite, as well as professional photography service and rental of 3 bridal gowns, with selections from coveted bridal designer brands like Vera Wang and Pronovias. The bridal portrait package is available for a bourgeoning group of solo travelers, as well as groups of friends and families.

With the “Around the World” themed cruises on Explorer Dream, the cruise ship will be transformed into Thailand's exotic paradise. From May 2 through June 30, 2021, guests can enjoy mouthwatering delights at the Thai night markets along with authentic classics like sweet Thai milk tea and fiery red curries, summer sports fun like the pitch burst challenge, water gun tag, and Sepak Takraw challenge, a relaxing spa treatment of back massage with Thai organic essential oils, traditional Thai dance classes, Thai cooking demonstrations, Thai language class, Thai Sarong styling, and more.

Explorer Dream cruise ship

The signature wellness program of Dream Cruises, Vitamin Sea & Dream, combines nutrition, exercise, and immunity-boosting workshops into a holistic vision of well-being and health. Lemon Lee, one of the region's most sought-after Yoga instructors, will debut his popular unisex yoga classes, Electric Flow and Yoga As Therapy, while the professional bodybuilding champion and certified personal trainer Ai, will conduct intensive HIIT workouts.

The fitness guru and YouTuber Peeta Gege will debut with Eat Well & Get Fit at sea, where he'll share his best tips to fitness, and the dramatic transformation of trimming down to 8% body fat in 2000 hours.

Theresa Chang, a professional instructor of The Art of Living Foundation, will do unveil the secret to rejuvenation via breathing at her Energy Breathing class. Passengers can also develop a healthy eating habit at the Healthy Eating Habits and Common Myths workshops with nutritionist Che Chun, and immunity-boosting recipe and detox beverage demonstrations by the culinary team of Dream Cruises.