VIDEO: Crystal Endeavor successfully completes final sea trials

   May 26, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Crystal Expedition Cruises announced the successful completion of the 2nd and final sea trials for its new luxury superyacht Crystal Endeavor, thus marking another major milestone towards the upcoming delivery of the vessel from MV WERFTEN.

The ship's final sea trials began on May 20. Crystal Endeavor returned to the shipyard on May 23 for the final steps of the building process. The newbuild is scheduled for technical delivery on May 27.

During the sea trials, Crystal Endeavor underwent rigorous performance and operational tests on her machinery, engines, and systems, including navigation, propulsion, and safety systems, noise and vibration measurements.

Capt. Thomas Larsen along with senior members of the navigation bridge and engineering teams participated in the ship's sea trials in collaboration with the naval architects, builders, and engineers from the expert MV WERFTEN team in Stralsund Germany.

The onboard team noted the cruise ship was "an absolute gem and performed like a dream, far exceeding specifications.” For example, Crystal Endeavor “crash-stopped” from full speed to zero within 660 m (~4 ship lengths) in comparison to 1800 m (10 ship lengths) requirement and maneuverability, like turning circle test, which far exceeded standards. Noise measured at 10% lower than requirements with vibration measuring lower at up to 80% lower than requirements.