VIDEO: CroisiEurope’s paddlewheel riverboat Loire Princesse especially built for France’s Loire River

   August 14, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

MS Loire Princesse is the only large riverboat on France’s Loire River due to her unique paddlewheel propulsion system.

The CroisiEurope-owned ship is powered by 2 side paddlewheels and was specially built for the longest French river whose depth greatly varies due to tides and weather.

Loire Princesse mimics the traditional "waterwheel" technology, but is modernized to offer comfort and security to her guests. The vessel can sail in just 1 m (3 ft) of water.

MS Loire Princesse cruises roundtrip from Nantes (homeport), visiting St-Nazaire, Ancenis, Bouchemaine, Angers, Loire Valley's chateaux, Ancenis. The voyages have durations of 6-days ("The Loire, a Royal legacy") and 8-days ("The Loire, a Royal river"). Both itineraries are with included overnight stays in all ports along the route.

Passengers can visit The Machines of the Isle of Nantes, a gallery recreating the imaginary world of the popular writer Jules Verne, as well as discover Saint-Nazaire and admire the shipyard and Escal’Atlantic which immerses in the world of steamships. Another highlight are the magical Loire chateaux/castles like Brissac, the highest in France.