Port Antonio (Jamaica) welcomes ms The World

   November 8, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

The resort town of Port Antonio (the capital city of Jamaica's Portland Parish) on Sunday morning, November 7, received its first cruise ship in 2+ years when the residential ship ms The World docked at Ken Wright Pier.

The return of liners to Port Antonio is being considered a welcomed sight for many including raft captains, craft vendors, and other tourism interests upbeat about the future of tourism in the parish.

According to the Mayor of Port Antonio, Paul Thompson, another cruise ship was slated to make a call later in November and things were looking up in spite of the challenges brought about by the COVID crisis.

On a day when Portland (Jamaica) was getting its first cruise ship since ~August 2019, members of the media and members of JUTA (Jamaica Union of Travellers Association) Portland chapter were barred from entering Errol Flynn marina at Ken Wright pier.

Port Antonio (Jamaica)

The 2002-built MS The World cruise ship is currently the world's largest privately-owned cruise vessel. The ship serves as a residential community and is owned by its residents. The relatively small group of very rich passengers are from ~40 countries and most of them actually live on the ship.

MS The World travels the globe, staying from 2 to 5 days in most ports of call. The Captain changes ports and destinations by vote. Some of the residents live full time while others board the ship periodically throughout the year. The ship's operator is ResidenSea (a company headquartered in Miramar, Florida USA).

Similar "residence cruise ship" concepts are MS Utopia (2021-built, managed by Utopia Residences), MV Narrative (2023-built, managed by Storylines Residences), MY Njord (2025-built, managed by Ocean Residences).