Storylines MV Narrative

Specifications of Storylines MV Narrative

Year of build2026 new ship
BuilderBrodosplit Shipyard (Split, Croatia)
Classresidential cruise ship (hotel ship)
Building costEUR 1,495 billion (USD 1,5 billion / GBP 1,27 billion)
Speed23 kn / 43 km/h / 26 mph
Length (LOA)226 m / 741 ft
Beam (width)30 m / 98 ft
Gross Tonnage55000 gt
Passengers1254 - 2000
Decks with cabins11
Christened bytba
OwnerStorylines Residences
OperatorStorylines Cruise Ship Condos

Storylines MV Narrative Review

Review of Storylines MV Narrative

The 2026-built MV Narrative cruise ship is a newbuild residential ship operated by the startup company and brand Storylines Residences. The boat is currently under construction at Brodosplit Shipyard (in Split Croatia). The ship's (and brand's) inauguration is planned for 2026-Q1 (postponed from 2025-Q1).

Similar "residence cruise ship" concepts are The World (2002-built, managed by ResidenSea), Utopia (2021-built, managed by Utopia Residences), Njord (2025-built, managed by Ocean Residences), Dark Island (2025-built, by Clydebuilt). You can also see CruiseMapper's articles about the residential boat Marquette (USA river cruise ship concept) and How to Buy a Cruise Ship.

In October 2023, Storylines' CEO (Alister D. Punton) announced that the brand's start-up is planned for 2026, with ~50% of MV Narrative's staterooms (530 total) being sold. The announcement also mentioned that cruise residences were currently (Oct 2023) priced in the range of US$1 to 8 million, with vessel lifetime lease terms (previously 12 and 24 years) in addition to fractional shares allowing 25% ownership (max 4 residents can share a ship residence) and plans for introducing 50% ownership. A 25% lifetime share cost US$598K (with additional US$26,700 for quarterly fees).

In December 2023, Storylines expanded its co-ownership options to 50% (shared purchase). The option is available only to a limited number of staterooms/residences, with prices ranging between US$550,000 to US$4,4 million.

History - construction and ownership

Storylines is a 2016-founded company run by Alister Punton and Shannon Lee who both were previously engaged in land-based real estate and construction projects. After 2 years of market research, they decided to establish a new cruise brand via the Storylines Corporation. Initially, the company was registered in the UK, later in the USA (Delaware, with headquarters in NYC New York).

In mid-March 2018, Shannon Lee and Alister Punton (Storylines' co-founders) announced the company's plans to purchase a second-hand liner and convert it to a residential ship, targeting both active adults and wealthy retirees. According to the initial plans, the vessel will have 302 staterooms (available for purchase as cruise condos) offering the opportunity to live at sea part-time or full-time.

The condos' prices initially ranged between USD 255,000-990,000, with cabin sizes ranging between 185 ft2 (17 m2) and 625 ft2 (58 m2/Duplex Apartment/ Balcony Suite on 2 levels), monthly service fees between USD 4770-9600 per person. Some Suites were planned to have up to four bedrooms. Monthly fees include onboard dining and entertainment plus all costs for running the liner (maintenance, repairs, fuel, port fees, gratuities, professional onboard staff-crew, financial reserves for unforeseen expenses).

In 2018, Storylines contracted Dick Rosman to find a second-hand vessel for the startup among 12+ cruise ships. The possible choices included Grand Celebration, CMV's Magellan and Marco Polo, but eventually, these negotiations failed and the shipowners sold the vessels for scrap.

In late-March 2019 Storylines released renderings for its cruise ship to be named "MV Narrative". Based on the renderings, as a potential vessel was rumored the 14-deck Grand Classica owned and operated by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. The initial plans of Storylines were for inauguration in June 2020 (starting from Miami Florida a 5-year Around the World Voyage) following a USD 40 million drydock refurbishment (3-4-month project / January-May) to also reduce the boat's cabin capacity by 25% (to 630 total condos). Apartments were then priced from USD 300,000, with an average entry US$475,000 (including the monthly service fees).


In late-May 2020, Storylines appointed Paul Read (CEO of Gelen Marine Ltd / specializing in shipbuilding projects and marine consultancy services) as Newbuild Project Manager.

In late-July 2021 Gelen Marine announced that the project is well in progress, with the initial ship design almost completed, full ship specifications expected in 2021-Q4, and construction works (at Brodosplit) planned to start in 2022-Q1.

In mid-September 2019, Storylines announced that the second-hand vessel is not an option anymore and that the company plans to build a new ship - with passenger capacity 1000+ and LNG-fueled. For the vessel design was contracted the renowned firm "Tillberg Design of Sweden" (interiors and public spaces). As technology, the vessel features anti-fouling hull coating (painting the hull with antifouling paints based on chemicals impeding the growth of barnacles, algae, marine organisms), AI (artificial intelligence), LNG (hybrid propulsion with battery power and fuel cells options), WHRS (waste heat recovery system using heat-flow-pressure from the ship's excess exhaust gases to generate electricity), waste cold recovery system (using the LNG to cool the HVAC/heat-ventilation-air conditioning system).

According to the new plans, the newbuild has GT tonnage 55,000, LOA length 226 m (741 ft), width 30 m (98 ft), 17 decks, 627 staterooms (87% with step-out balconies), staff-crew 450+, an aft Marina (platform for launching water sports crafts - like speed boats, jet skis, sea kayaks).

Storylines initially announced that the fully-furnished "cruise apartments" would be priced from ~US$350,000. Owners can lease their Residential Unit for 12 to 60 years. With a lifespan of ~40 years, after the cruise ship is decommissioned, the apartment Owners can roll over into another Storylines ship without repurchasing - which means they can own their "cruise property" forever. After liquidating/selling the vessel, Storylines will take steps to distribute the collected proceeds between the Owners.

Storylines MV Narrative cruise ship

In late-March 2021, Storylines announced that Croatia's Brodosplit Shipyard was contracted to build the residence ship Narrative, and the vessel's renderings were released. The announcement mentioned that the newbuild will offer for purchase fully-furnished residences (sized between 235-2410 ft2 / 22-224 m2) with prices ranging between USD 300,000 (~EUR 250K / GBP 220K) to USD 8 million (~EUR 6,735M / GBP 5,8M) for a Duplex Penthouse Suite with a 2-deck terrace.


Decks and Cabins

Storylines MV Narrative staterooms (547 total) are in 5 cabin types and all are categorized as RU (Residential Unit).

  • RU1.1 "Discover" condos are Interior cabins sized 235 ft2 (22 m2) and don't have balconies.
  • RU1.3 "Oceanfront" condos are Oceanview cabins sized 235 ft2 (22 m2) and don't have balconies.
  • RU1.2 "Breeze" condos are Balcony cabins sized 335 ft2 (31 m2) including the balcony.
  • RU2 "Explore" condos are sized between 375-440 ft2 (35-41 m2) including the balcony.
  • RU3 "Indulge" condos are sized 570 ft2 (53 m2) including the balcony.
  • RU4 "Breeze" condos are sized between 755-1150 ft2 (70-107 m2) including the balcony.
  • RU4.1 "Dream" condos are sized 1315 ft2 (122 m2) including the wraparound balcony.
  • RU5 "Global" (2-deck Suites/Duplex Apartments) are sized between 1530-2120 ft2 (142-197 m2) including the terraces.

Note: In Aug 2022, the number of residences was reduced from 627 to 547, with the new design allowing larger-sized staterooms.

All staterooms are fully furnished and with full kitchens. Most (87%) are with private step-out balconies. The largest passenger accommodations are the Forward-Facing Apartments (2410 ft2 / 224 m2 including the 800 ft2 / 74 m2 terrace with Jacuzzi).

Standard amenities in all staterooms include smart HDTVs (premium satellite package, WiFi Internet, wireless surround sound system), electronic safe boxes, adjustable mood lighting, double beds with Queen-size luxury mattresses, under bed storage (drawers), bedside cabinets, wall-mounted reading lamps, motorized/electric Murphy beds, spacious wardrobes with large mirrors, 4-seat tables, contemporary designer furniture, luxury bathrooms (with WC-wall hung toilet, glass-door shower, single- or double-sink vanity with under storage).

RU3-RU4-RU5 (tier 3-4-5) condos have a dedicated Workspace (small room with LAN point, high-speed Internet, phone), double sofas (convertible 3-seater couches), walk-in closets, two bathrooms (Master and Guest, one with bathtub), Dining Area (with dry bar, wet bar, 4-seat table, buffet cabinets).

Condo Owners can live on the ship or rent their properties through Storylines.

The boat has 16 decks, of which 13 are passenger-accessible and 11 with cabins/apartments.

How much cost the Storylines condos on MV Narrative?

As of 2021, condo prices start at USD 297,000 (EUR 250K / GBP 215K).

Prices (for 12-Year-Lease / including resale prices) by cabin type are as follows:

  • RU1.1 (335 ft2) USD 340-370K / EUR 286-312K
  • RU1.2 (335 ft2) USD 530-580K / EUR 446-488K
  • RU1.3 (335 ft2) USD 430-460K / EUR 362-388K
  • RU2 (375 ft2 ft2) USD 650-700K / EUR 547-590K
  • RU3 (570 ft2) USD 910-960K / EUR 766-808K
  • RU4 (755 ft2) USD 1,57 million / EUR 1,32M
  • RU4 (970 ft2) USD 1,6 million / EUR 1,35M
  • RU4 (1075 ft2) USD 1,7 million / EUR 1,43M
  • RU4 (1315 ft2) USD 1,85 million / EUR 1,56M
  • RU5 (2120 ft2) USD 3,24 million / EUR 2,73M
  • RU5 (2175 ft2) USD 3,29 million / EUR 2,77M
  • RU5 (1530 ft2) USD 2,8 million / EUR 2,358M

Prices vary not only by type but by deck location.

Note: In Aug 2022 was announced that 24-year lease pricing starts at US$647,000.

In October 2021, Storylines announced new, more affordable accommodation options via reconfiguration of some apartments to smaller-sized residences. This way were created and opened for sale a total of 84 staterooms ranging in sizes between 910-1415 ft2 (85-132 m2), with prices starting from USD 2,455M. Other larger apartments were split into Studios and 1-Bedroom cabins sized between 235-755 ft2 (22-70 m2) with prices starting from just USD 350,000.

In November 2022, Storylines announced it was releasing "a limited number of homes for shared purchase". The fractional shares are for 25%, allowing up to 4 residents to share an onboard residence. Shared purchase cabin owners enjoy the same amenities as other residents, including zero maintenance/upkeep responsibilities.

The share-purchase cabin types included:

  • RU4 Dream (67 m2/720 ft2, balcony condo), introductory pricing for a 25% share US$1,275M and US$37000 for quarterly all-inclusive fees (US$6167 per person per month based on double occupancy).
  • RU2 Explore (35 m2/375 ft2, balcony condo), introductory pricing for a 25% share US$0,598M and US$26700 for quarterly all-inclusive fees (US$4450 per person per month with double occupancy).

The shares are broken down by season: March-May, June-August, September-November, and December-February. Fees are inclusive of food and beverages, housekeeping and laundry, plus all shipboard amenities.

Shipboard facilities and amenities

The new ship design features 45 lounges (private spaces designed for relaxation, reading, cooking, bar service, some fitted with a Jacuzzi and cabanas), 5 viewing platforms (indoor and outdoor), 3 swimming pools, aft-facing lounge areas (overlooking the Watersports Marina), Garden Farm (5400 ft2 / 502 m2 hydroponic farm for growing fresh produce). Instead of a full-capacity Dining Room, the ship has 8 smaller (up to 50 seats) dining outlets offering different cuisines and specialties prepared from locally sourced produce (cheeses, seafood, spices) and a restaurant serving only dishes prepared from the Garden's produce.

The total number of restaurants-lounges-bars is 20.

Storylines MV Narrative cruise ship

The Storylines' liner Narrative has as signature facilities:

  • Infirmary (Hospital fitted with latest medical equipment and served by resident physicians and nurses on 24-hour duty/medical services available at extra charge), Pharmacy
  • Helideck (fore-located Helipad/landing platform with a helicopter used for both land tours and transportation during medical emergencies)
  • IMAX Theatre & Show Lounge (2-deck Theater/Cinema)
  • Casino Bar Lounge, Cigar Bar Lounge, Champagne Bar Lounge, Observation Lounge, Sports Bar (with billiards tables)
  • Atrium (6-decks high, open-floor designed space/midship)
  • Lounge & Library (3-level venue/on 3 floors with 10,000+ books plus all popular board games)
  • Resident Artist Studio & Lounge, Education & Enrichment Studio, Founders Circle Concierge Lounge
  • Micro Brewery (800 L daily capacity)
  • Retail Square (duty-free Shops and Boutiques)
  • Classic Arcade (gaming room), Kids Rumpus Room (indoor playground)
  • Workspaces (shared and private) and Meeting Rooms/Board Rooms
  • desks and offices (Banking & Postal Services, IT Services, Shore Excursions, Reception, Tech Support)

In October 2021 Storylines announced a deck plan redesign for adding new cabins and amenities. Following the changes to the onboard facilities and amenities were added:

  • Media Studio (for music and video recordings)
  • Kid's Zone (supervised recreational and educational space dedicated to children)
  • Laboratory
  • Infinity Pool/Jacuzzi
  • Pickleball Court, Bowling Alley, Fishing & Tackle Shop, Golf Simulator, Golf Pro Shop
  • (Sundeck) Outdoor Cinema, Bali beds (for sleeping under the stars)
  • Pet Zone (dogs walking promenade, doggy daycare, kennels/cages, veterinarian and grooming facilities)

On July 1, 2023, Storylines announced that children traveling on MV Narrative can participate in a global learning program (floating school) both onboard and ashore (in port towns/cities).

The Storylines' liner has a modern Wellness Center (sized ~930 m2/10000 ft2) that consists of SPA, Gym (fitted with power-generating fitness equipment), Anti-Aging Clinic, Beauty Salon, Massages' Studio, Aerobics Studio, Smoothie Bar, indoor Lap Pool. Resident instructors and personal trainers are provided for yoga and fitness classes.

The ship has the following restaurants and bars:

  • Steak House
  • Roadhouse Diner
  • Wine Cellar & Bar
  • Coffee Roaster Bar
  • Bakery, Chocolate Shop, Ice Creamery (patisserie)
  • French Bistro
  • Italian Restaurant
  • Oyster Bar
  • Open Kitchen (Hamburger Bar, Snack Bar, Greek Tavern, Mexican Cantina, Tea House, Seafood, Sushi, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Dumplings)
  • Food Market & Deli (Lido restaurant with an organic Farmer’s Market)
  • Resident Kitchens & Classes, Open Kitchen Dining Area
  • Fresh Juice Bar & Health Foods (sundeck)
  • Cigar Lounge & Pool Lounge (sundeck)
  • Hobby Lounge, Open Air Tropical Lounge

The aft-located Pool Deck has Marina Platform (for launching watersports activities), Marina Lounge & Cafe, Nightlife & Live Music (bar lounge), Swimming Pool (outdoor), Mudroom (storage for Bikes, Sports Gear, Water Toys, Scuba Garage). The midship Pool Deck has 1x Swimming Pool, 4x Jacuzzis (whirlpool hot tubs), Massage Jets, Pool Bar & Pool Lounge, Fish Shack & Burger Grill Bar.

The luxury liner has a total of 30 Residential Lounges with Kitchens, 17 Laundry Rooms (17), Infirmary (Hospital with Pharmacy), Hydroponic & Resident Garden Installations (a vertical farm for growing fresh produce), Pet Zone, Helideck (Helicopter Pad with a helicopter), 8x service boats (2x tender boats, 4x lifeboats, 2x rescue boats).

Forward and aft Lifts (passenger elevators) and staircases interconnect all decks.

Storylines MV Narrative is an all-inclusive cruise ship providing the following complimentary amenities and services.

  • All beverages - including beers, wines, spirits
  • All meals (8 dining venues)
  • 24-hour Room Service
  • Access to premium dining (complimentary only once per month)
  • Use of "Chef's Table" kitchen entertainment areas
  • shipwide Wi-Fi Internet, satellite television (smart HDTVs)
  • Onboard events and activities, all onboard service gratuities
  • Home-airport-home transfers
  • Self-service laundry (on each cabin deck), Laundry pick-up service (wash and fold)
  • full use of gym facilities, onboard training classes (stretching, Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • Twice-a-year visit with the onboard physician (including health check and vaccinations)

Additional Inclusions for Tier 1-2-3 Condo Owners

  • Priority dining reservations in all restaurants, unlimited access to premium dining
  • Room Service, Butlers Menu (served by course), Concierge service
  • Premium spirits and wines
  • In-cabin mini-bar beverages and snacks (replenished weekly)
  • Personal trainer and customized wellness program
  • Priority embarkation and disembarkation in all ports of call
  • Door-to-door baggage delivery service
  • Premium meet-and-greet airport transportation


MV Narrative was due to start cruising in June 2020 with a 3-year complete circumnavigation of the world. However, due to changing the company's concept (newbuild over a second-hand vessel) and the Coronavirus crisis, Storylines postponed the brand's inauguration to 2024-Q4.

The exact schedule and itineraries (as call ports) are up to the boat's residents (stateroom Owners/tenants) who choose the destinations by voting. What is known so far is that the Narrative ship will spend more time in ports than any other cruise ship - from 3- up to 7 days in each port.

The Inaugural Cruise date is yet to be announced. However, the Maiden Voyage's itinerary is currently planned to be in the Adriatic-Mediterranean. It starts from Civitavecchia-Rome (3 days stay) and visits ports in Italy (Naples/3 days, Sapri, Lipari Island), Sicily (Messina, Palermo/4 days, Marsala, Sciacca, San Leone), Malta (Valletta/4 days), Italy (Bari/2 days, Pescara, Castello di Gradara, San Marino/2 days, Venice/5 days), Slovenia (Koper/3 days), Croatia (Rijeka/2 days, Krk Island, Sali Island/2 days, Split/2 days, Korcula/2 days, Slano/2 days, Dubrovnik/2 days), Montenegro (Kotor/2 days), Albania (Durres/2 days), Greece (Corfu Island/2 days, Ithaca Island/3 days, Patras/3 days, Gytheio, Spetses Island, Piraeus-Athens/3 days, Mykonos/2 days, Santorini/2 days), Turkey (Gallipoli, Tekirdag, Istanbul/3 days).

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Storylines MV Narrative ship related cruise news

Storylines MV Narrative Wiki

In mid-August 2020, in response to the COVID crisis, Storylines announced that the residence cruise ship will have advanced sanitation equipment (Ozone, Ultraviolet, Hydroxyls) to neutralize organic pollutants in both water and air. The ship's HVAC system (heat-ventilation-air-conditioning) will be integrated with PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation and PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) equipment for cleaning both air and surfaces, in addition to HEPA filters, robotic ultraviolet cleaners, and in-cabin hydroxyl generators and air purifiers.

In early-February 2021, Storylines opened its Miami office (in the Marina Blue building/888 Biscayne Blvd). The office was combined with a Show Room (via partnership with "Made by TSI Inc" / Miami USA-based interior design firm). At the Storylines Miami office (3000 ft2/ / 280 m2 sized) are displayed floor plans, furniture styles, color palettes, fabrics, and fixtures for potential customers to choose from. As Director of Interiors Storylines appointed Marco Spaziani (Italian designer specializing in luxury ship and yacht interiors).

In November 2021 Storylines contracted several renowned manufacturers for the following projects.

  • Carrier i-Vu (1902-founded American company specializing in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems) was contracted for the cruise ship's HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), automation system, as well as for the onboard security, CCTV/surveillance and fire safety.
  • The company Onity was contracted to provide and install the ship's electronic locking system, including all cabin door e-Locks (touchless technology using a smartphone key for accessing the stateroom).
  • The company Autronica was contracted to manufacture and supply fire detection and safety systems.
  • The company Marioff was contracted to supply and install the ship's fire suppression system based on the HI-FOG (sprinklers-based/suppressing fires with water mist).

In late-May 2022, Storylines contracted Telenor Maritime (global connectivity provider at sea, part of Telenor ASA/Norwegian telecommunications company, mobile operator) to design, build and install MV Narrative's onboard connectivity system and WiFi/cable network - IoT (Internet of Things) and personal (interactive television, smart door locks, internal phones, Internet connectivity, etc).

The shipbuilding contract with Brodosplit was officially signed on August 19, 2022. The EUR 1,495 billion (USD 1,5B/ GBP 1,27B) deal was signed by Alister Punton (Storylines' CEO) and Tomislav Debeljak (Brodosplit's President).