2 crew medevaced from Costa Luminosa cruise ship

   December 17, 2021 ,   Accidents

Costa Cruises' ship Luminosa has requested medical evacuation on Wednesday, December 15, of 2 crew members who needed medical assistance on land.

At 10:50 a.m. the Port Authority of Brindisi (Italy) has been alerted by the command onboard of the liner (crossing the port of Monopoli and sailing towards Savona) requesting medevac of a crew member. The crew in need was a 23-year-old Peruvian female who was suffering from renal colic, acute abdominal pain caused by obstruction of the ureter from dislodged kidney stones. 

Operation Room watchstanders dispatched a patrol boat with a rescue team who communicated with the ship's officers to direct the vessel to the outpost of the Brindisi port and proceeded to the evacuation of the crew. The rescue operation was successful and the patient was transferred to a hospital.

Another medical evacuation of a crew was requested by Luminosa from the Coast Guard stationed at Saint Benedetto del Tronto. The CG received a call for medevac of a 30-year-old Filipina crew suffering from a facial injury.

A rescue team was immediately set in motion at ~10:30 p.m. The medical personnel embarked on a patrol boat, sailing at a max speed towards the ship, which was ~10 kilometres from the coast. In spite of the rough sea, the medevac was successful. Following the transfer, the medical staff secured the woman on the patrol boat and once in port, by ambulance, the patient was transported to San Benedetto emergency room for treatment. 

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