Yap Island (Micronesia)

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Yap Island cruise port

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Local Time
19:48 12 Dec 2018

9.51896 N, 138.12381 E

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Yap Island is one of Caroline Islands in the western Pacific Ocean, which are part of Micronesia (FSM). Yap Island's total area is approx 98 km2 (38 ml2) and population around 12,000. Micronesia is an island nation consisting of 4 states – Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae.

Yap Island (Micronesia)

Yap Islands are 4 separate islands - Gagil-Tamil, Rumung, Maap and Yap Island (Marbaq). These islands are contiguous (though separated via water) and surrounded by a coral reef. Yap Islands are referred to as "high" isles (as opposed to atolls). Their land mostly consists of densely vegetated hills, with mangrove swamps lining the shores and sand beaches (on their northern coasts).

Excluding the surrounding reef area, Yap Islands have length 24 km (15 ml), width 5–10 km (3-6 ml) and highest elevation point (Mt Taabiywol) 178 m (584 ft). Colonia is Yap state's capital city, with administrative control over Yap's Main and Neighboring islands (mostly atolls) reaching to east and south from Yap Main Islands for approx 800 km (500 ml).

Yap Island is famous for its "stone money" (Rai / Fei), which are large carved doughnut-shaped disks of calcite, with diameter up to 4 m (12 ft). The smallest are 3,5 cm (1.4 inches) in diameter. Many of the stone money were brought from other isles, as far as New Guinea, but most came from Palau. Their value was based on both stone's history and its size. Historically, these disks were valued because the material calcite looks like quartz, and were the shiniest objects at that time.

Yap Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Yap Island Micronesia dock (anchor) at Colonia - port town on the eastern coast.

  • Colonia is the State of Yap's capital. Yap's territory includes the "Main Islands" and the "Neighboring Islands (outer isles, which are mostly coral atolls) named Eauripik, Elato, Faraulep, Gaferut, Ifalik, Lamotrek, Ngulu, Olimarao, Piagailoe, Pikelot, Sorol, Ulithi, Woleai, plus the islands Fais and Satawal.

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