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330 m / 1083 ft

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  • delayed delivery (due to 2020-2021's Coronavirus crisis), canceled inaugural cruise itineraries

May 2021Other Incidents

In mid-May 2021 were canceled more scheduled for Enchanted Princess cruises - a total of 26 itineraries (July 3 through November 15) which included the new ship's entire Mediterranean 2021 program and the 15-day Transatlantic crossing Europe-USA.

The Maiden Voyage (July 3 / 7-day "Mediterranean and Adriatic from Civitavecchia-Rome) was rescheduled for November 30 (10-20-day Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale). The canceled itineraries were themed "Mediterranean and Adriatic" and "Western Mediterranean" (7-day), "Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Medley" (14-day B2B/back-to-back) and "Grand Mediterranean Collection" (21-day B2B).

January 2021Other Incidents

In early-January, Princess Cruises expanded its fleet's pause in passenger shipping operations through May 15, 2021. The latest cancellations also affected the Enchanted Princess ship's inauguration.

The Maiden Voyage (January 2, 2021, 14-day B2B / 7-day Caribbean itinerary from Fort Lauderdale Florida) was rescheduled for May 22 (7-day Mediterranean and Adriatic itinerary roundtrip from Civitavecchia-Rome). The Transatlantic crossing planned for May 8th (14-day from Fort Lauderdale to Rome) was also canceled.

In early-March were canceled 8 more departures on Enchanted Princess and the Maiden Voyage was rescheduled for July 3 (7-day Adriatic-Mediterranean from Rome).

April 2020Structural and Technical Issues

On April 15, 2020, Princess Cruises announced that the vessel's delivery from the shipbuilder Fincantieri Monfalcone will be delayed. The delay was due to Fincantieri's shipyards closures (all European facilities - production sites and offices) due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In March-April 2020, Italy was completely lockdown after the Government imposed no-travel restrictions nationwide since March 10th.

As a result, all planned for Enchanted Princess cruises with departures between July 1 and July 25 (including) were cancelled. These were a total of 11 itineraries (with lengths 7-14-21-days) leaving from Southampton, Barcelona and Piraeus-Athens. The ship's christening ceremony was also cancelled. The event was initially planned to be held in Port Southampton (England) on June 30th - right before starting the Inaugural Cruise (July 1-11) from Southampton to Civitavecchia-Rome.

In early-May, Princess Cruises cancelled the ship's entire European program (including the Transatlantic crossing to Florida), with the Inaugural Cruise rescheduled for November 21 (Caribbean from Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale Florida).

In early-November was cancelled the ship's entire 2020 program and the maiden voyage was rescheduled for January 2, 2021 (14-day B2B / 7-day Caribbean from homeport Fort Lauderdale).

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