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Ruby Princess accidents and incidents

Ruby Princess cruise ship


Length (LOA)
289 m / 948 ft

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CruiseMapper's Ruby Princess cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a 3672-passenger vessel owned by Princess Cruises. Our Ruby Princess accidents page contains reports made by using official data from renown online news media sources, US Coast Guard and Wikipedia.

Here are also reported latest updates on cruise law news related to ashore and shipboard crimes still investigated by the police. Among those could be arrests, filed lawsuits against the shipowner / cruise line company, charges and fines, grievances, settled / withdrawn legal actions, lost cases, Norovirus, etc.

  • christening - 2008 (worker died)
  • pollution - 2018
  • illness - swine flu (2009)
  • Norovirus (passengers/crew) - 3 outbreaks in 2012 (total 392 / 34), 2013 (266 / 10)
  • injuries/crimes - overboard/rescued (2010-crew)
  • Coronavirus - 2020 (293 passengers, 3 crew, ~?00 crew isolated, ship qurantine off Sydney NSW)
  • medevacs - 2016 (crew)
  March 2020Cruise Illness / Norovirus Outbreaks

(Coronavirus) The 13-day Australia to New Zealand cruise (itinerary March 8-21) was ended early as the ship docked in homeport Sydney NSW on March 20 and all the 2647 passengers were disembarked at Circular Quay. Following the debarkation, the vessel remained at sea (anchored off the NSW coast, close to Sydney Harbour). The ship was also carrying 1151 crew. Captain during the period was Giorgio Pomata.

Soon after the voyage's end, all former cruisers were emailed by Princess Cruises and informed that on the voyage 2 people tested COVID-19 (Coronavirus) positive. The ship's medical team (3 physicians, 3 nurses) conducted onboard 13 tests, of which 4 returned positive (3 pax, 1 crew). According to the company's official statement, the infected were “among a group of guests and crew members who had reported flu-like symptoms during the cruise”.

On March 21, NSW health authorities reported a total of 4 Coronavirus cases from Ruby Princess - 3 passengers (hospitalized) and a crew (who remained quarantined onboard). On March 23, NSW reported 48 confirmed Coronavirus cases among the former cruisers - 27 (NSW) plus 21 (Australia interstate). On March 24, a former passenger died of virus complications. On March 25, the total number of infected grew to 133 (107 NSW, 26 interstate).

As the vessel remained anchored near Sydney Harbour, of its entire staff-crew, on March 26 were reported ~700 people with flu-like symptoms and being isolated onboard (separate passenger staterooms). As the Australian health authorities didn't allow docking, provisioning (food and medications) was conducted via boats.

On March 28, the total number of Coronavirus-positive former cruisers of Ruby Princess (travelling on the revised itinerary March 8-19) reached 293, of whom 171 in NSW and 122 Australia interstate.

On March 30, from the anchored off the coast liner were offloaded and hospitalized (at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney's Camperdown suburb) a total of 3 crew who developed serious Coronavirus symptoms. One of the medevaced was in critical condition.

  27 October 2018Other Incidents

The 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise (itinerary Oct 27 - Nov 3) was overbooked. Princess Cruises offered as compensation full refunds or complimentary cruise for re-booking on another voyage (or ship from the fleet).

The overbooked cruise was a roundtrip from homeport Los Angeles (Long Beach CA) to the Mexican ports Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

  07 August 2018Other Incidents

On August 7, 2018, due to extreme weather (gale with forecasted high winds up to 60 mph / 90 kph), the liner was rerouted and instead Skagway visited Haines AK. Cruise passengers were to be shuttled from Haines to Skagway via fast ferry, but the operation was cancelled due to rough sea conditions in Lynn Canal.

The incident occurred during 7-day Inside Passage cruise itinerary Aug 4-11) roundtrip from homeport Seattle WA to Juneau, Skagway (replaced with Haines), Glacier Bay, Ketchikan and Victoria (BC Canada).

  15 February 2018Sea Pollution

On February 15, 2018, a CAM (Court Appointed Monitor) auditor reported witnessing 55-gallon (208-L) containers filled with unauthorized items (plastic straws, paper, cob holders, wooden stir sticks, bamboo clips, toothpicks, paper clips, Aluminium foil wraps) destined to go down the cruise liner's Food Waste Chute and overboard while at sea. All these items were not segregated (as required) during food waste's collection in the galley (ship's kitchen).

  24 September 2016Coast Guard Medevacs

On September 24, 2016, a 47-year-old male crew (experiencing heart attack symptoms) was USCG-medevaced at ~2 am. The ship was approx 15 km (9 mi) southwest of San Diego (Point Loma). The USCG deployed an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter. The man was airlifted and transferred to a local hospital.

  25 January 2014Crew / Passenger Injuries and Overboards

On January 25, 2014, a male passenger fell off the dock in the water. A crew threw a life preserver and guided him to the ladder. Since the man was exhausted, 2 security men got down, grabbed and hauled him up. The man was not injured and declined to call an ambulance. He was wheeled onto the ship in a wheelchair.

  02 October 2013Structural and Technical Issues

(mooring) On October 1, 2013, the vessel was docked in call port Kusadasi (port to Eusebius, Turkey), when it broke all mooring lines due to strong winds and drifted out of the berth. A tugboat at the stern kept the ship from drifting away from the dock. No injuries or damages were reported.

  March 2013Cruise Illness / Norovirus Outbreaks

March 2013, CDC reported on the voyage March 3 to 10, a major Norovirus outbreak (gastrointestinal illness) infected 266 passengers (out of 3129, or 8,5%) and 10 crew (out of 1189, or 0,8%). All sick suffered from Norovirus symptoms (vomiting, diarrhoea) and were quarantined to their cabins for 48 hours. The ship was on 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise leaving from homeport Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) Florida.

  October 2012Cruise Illness / Norovirus Outbreaks

October 2012, CDC reported that on a 19-day voyage (Oct 9 to 28), a Norovirus outbreak affected 149 passengers (out of 2971, or 5%) and 14 crew (out of 1177, or 1,2%).

  September 2012Cruise Illness / Norovirus Outbreaks

August -September 2012, CDC reported that on the voyage Aug 21 to Sept 13, a Norovirus outbreak affected 114 passengers (out of 1778, or 6,4%) and 11 crew (out of 851, or 1,3%). The incident occurred during 25-day repositioning cruise from Asia to the USA via Alaska (Beijing China to San Francisco CA).

  March 2012Cruise Illness / Norovirus Outbreaks

February-March 2012, CDC reported that on a 7-day voyage from Fort Lauderdale (itinerary Feb 26 - Mar 4), a Norovirus outbreak affected 129 passengers (out of 3147, or 4,1%) and 9 crew (out of 1179, or 0,8%).

  27 May 2011Crew / Passenger Injuries and Overboards

(overboard) On May 27, 2011, at ~2 am, a male crew jumped overboard into the sea, but was rescued alive. The ship was on Eastern Mediterranean cruise from Greece to Italy (Athens to Venice). The Captain announced that a man fell overboard and the ship is turning around for a search and rescue operation. After ~2 hours, the man (working on the ship as a cook) was located and saved.

  28 July 2009Cruise Illness / Norovirus Outbreaks

On July 28, 2009, after docking in homeport Venice Italy, the vessel was briefly seized (for ~1 hour) by the Italian authorities. Three passengers and 4 crew were previously reported by the ship suffering from swine flu (pig influenza) symptoms – fever, headache, coughing. All the sick were quarantined to their cabins. Two of the passengers were disembarked and treated ashore. The other infected were showing progress and remained on the ship.

Note: When the itinerary doesn’t include US cruise ports, the ship is not required to report to CDC, thus no official illness report would be issued.

  15 October 2008Crew / Passenger Deaths

Incidents during ship christening ceremonies are considered very ominous. The vessel’s christening ceremony was scheduled for October 16, 2008, but was cancelled. The previous night, a 43-year-old worker died in an onboard accident. The man was a supervisor at the shipbuilder Fincantieri’s yard in Monfalcone (Trieste Italy). He was killed upon trying to squeeze through a watertight door. The heavy door closed upon him.

This unfortunate event resulted in an ~8 hours strike, with almost 2000 Italian workers protesting and calling for improved security at work.

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