Avalon Myanmar deck 1 plan (Irrawaddy)

Deck layout and review

Review of Avalon Myanmar deck 1 (Irrawaddy)

Irrawaddy Deck cabins are from 101 to 112, all of which in the category A Panorama Suites.

The Gift Shop is located by the stairs leading to Mandalay Deck 2 and to the Lower Deck 0. The Shop sells mostly hand-made Burma souvenirs and traditional for the region clothing, including shan bags, parasols, longyis /wraparound skirts, lacquerware, bronze and silver goods, and jewellery.

Staff and crew cabins are located after passenger rooms

Service and storage spaces on the Myanmar boat are located on the Lower Deck. There are also the ship’s ballast tanks and freshwater, emergency generator, propulsion/engine room, fuel tanks, sewage treatment equipment.