Le Lyrial deck 2 plan (Sirius-Marina-Restaurant)

Deck layout and review

Review of Le Lyrial deck 2 (Sirius-Marina-Restaurant)

Gastronomic Restaurant (named “Le Coromandel”, capacity 268 seats) is the ship’s dining room serving International upscale cuisine. Dining here is open-seating, with buffet-style breakfast and lunch, and waiter-served dinner. Tables capacity is 4-6-8-seats. The 4-seat tables can serve as twos, and one table is always reserved for the ship’s officers.

Breakfast (7:30-9:30 am) offers cooked food, omelet station, hot dish (daily specialty), a wide selection of pastries/cakes, fruits (depending on the itinerary).

Lunch (12-2 pm) is buffet-style, with hot dishes (incl lasagna, pasta, meat/fish, vegetarian), salads, cold meats, various desserts (incl ice cream). Wine is complimentary at lunch/dinner. There is a premium French wines list at additional cost.

Dinner service starts from 7:30 pm, with gourmet dishes featuring rich sauces, elegantly arranged vegetables, several vegetarian options, omelets, fresh fish (sourced locally).

Kids menus are available upon request.

The Marina (water sports platform) is located aft on Sirius Deck and offers complimentary activities (mostly swimming). there are no powered watersports (kayaking, windsurfing, etc). The Marina is used only when the Le Lyrial yacht is anchored and the sea is calm.