Celebrity Cruises eliminating embarkation quarantine of joining crew

   May 29, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Celebrity Cruises is eliminating embarkation quarantine of the joining onboard staff/crew, effective at each vessel’s next turnaround.

The decision to ease the health protocols came after Celebrity Cruises' sister brand conducted the no-embarkation quarantine pilot with hundreds of crew members. The data showed that given the effectiveness of COVID vaccines/pre-arrival protocols, the elimination of quarantine doesn't present additional risk.

The new policy applies only to fully-vaccinated crew with WHO-approved vaccines. Joining crew members will continue to be tested upon boarding. 

Standard isolation protocols apply if the crew tests positive. In this case, she/he will be assigned to the crew cabin, allowed to perform her/his normal work duties, and will return to the crew cabin after work for a "soft quarantine" until day 3. On day 3 the crew will be tested again: if the test is negative, she/he can resume normal protocols onboard. 

On day 5 the crew is tested for the 3rd time, and if negative joins the regular crew surveillance testing cadence.

Eliminating the quarantine is a step forward in going back to life onboard.