Oceania Sirena cruise ship berths in Killybegs (Ireland) causing a much needed boost to businesses

   July 10, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Oceania Sirena ship berthed in Killybegs (Ireland) on Saturday, July 9, causing excitement amongst locals and ensuring a much-needed boost to businesses.

There were 684 passengers and 375 crew onboard the cruise ship.

A number of coaches brought guests to attractions in the area, including Glencolmcille and Sliabh Liag.

Oceania Sirena is currently on a 10-day voyage around Ireland (roundtrip from Dublin) carrying travelers from all over the world.

Port of Killybegs (Ireland)

Killybegs is a port town situated in Ireland's County Donegal, located at the head of a scenic bay harbour on the country's southern coast (north of Donegal Bay and close to Donegal Town). Killybegs is currently ranked Ireland's biggest fishing port. An annual street festival (held in the summer) celebrates fish catches and incorporates the traditional boat blessing.

The town has a population of around 1300. The port is a natural deepwater harbor with a depth/max draft of 12 m (39 ft) at low tide. The GBP 50 million docking pier was completed in 2004. Killybegs is homeport to Ireland's all largest fishing trawlers (country's pelagic and whitefish fleets). The seaport also has the capacity to handle various types of vessels ((including cargo ships and passenger liners/cruise and ferries). In recent years, it also became a major port for the import of wind turbines and also serves offshore gas and oil drilling rigs.