Alaskan cruise season to be extended due to climate change

   October 6, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Climate change might play a role in extending Alaska's cruising season, potentially opening up revenue opportunities for the state's industry, NCLH-Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings' CEO Frank Del Rio revealed on Thursday, October 6.

While climate change warmed Alaska at more than 100% of the global rate, harming fisheries and increasing the rate of wildfires, parts of the state's tourism have benefited from the extension of warm-weather weeks.

During an investor day presentation, Del Rio said that Alaskan voyages, which typically start in mid-May and last until mid-September, are currently starting as early as April and going on until October, adding the company was investing more in new sailings and docks around America's largest state.

Chichagof Island (Alaska)

Image: Chichagof Island (Alaska)

Del Rio said Alaska had not only become a premium destination, but it had become more than just a 4-month summer destination. It was a combination of perhaps global warming, bigger ships, and more demand, but they had stretched that season to almost 7 months now.

He added that Norwegian had been looking to lessen its impact on the planet by finding more sustainable fuels for its cruise ships.