2 dead, child missing in passenger ship crash on the Wadden Sea near Terschelling

   October 22, 2022 ,   Accidents

Two people died after a collision between a fast ferryboat and water taxi on the Wadden Sea close to Terschelling (Netherlands), the Friesland regional security office announced.

The accident happened at ~8 am on Friday, October 21, and as of 9:15 am, rescuers were still searching for a missing 12-year-old boy who had gone overboard. Another person might also be missing.

It is not yet clear if the 2 people who died are the same who were revived at the scene and transported to the hospital in critical condition. Several other people suffered injuries, and many were rescued from the water.

The accident happened in Schuitengat, a channel in the Wadden Sea. The vessels involved are Rederij Doeksen’s ferry MS Tiger and Stormloper water taxi. Several people onboard the water taxi ended up in the water.

The security officials said there were probably 7 people on the Stormloper, out of whom 1 person was still missing. That person was the 12-year-old boy reported overboard earlier during the emergency response.

According to a spokesperson for the Coast Guard, the current was very strong. Someone in the water could quickly drift out to sea, and as a result, the search area had been expanded.

The water taxi sank quickly after the collision. The people who were onboard the Strormloper were taken to Terschelling.

Port of Harlingen (Netherlands Friesland)

Image: Port of Harlingen (Netherlands Friesland)

The Tiger, which was taking on water, managed to make her way to Port Harlingen (Netherlands Friesland), where a reception center was set up for the people onboard. The security office revealed the ferry was carrying 21 passengers and 6 crew, none of whom sustained serious injuries.

The cause of the accident is still unclear. The Dutch Safety Board and the police are investigating.