Sea Cloud Cruises remains an independent cruise line

   February 26, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Sea Cloud Cruises revealed that Marriott International Inc (the parent company of Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection via The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC) will not be acquiring Sea Cloud Cruises (fleet) and its 3 tall-masted sailships. 

The Hamburg Germany-based Sea Cloud Cruises GmbH announced it had decided last year it was no longer interested in selling.

A statement from Sea Cloud read:

"After intensive deliberations, our shareholders have meanwhile decided that a sale will not take place. Sea Cloud Cruises will remain an independent cruise line." 

In early 2022, the maritime investment company led by Douglas Prothero, The Yacht Portfolio, had signed a letter of intent to acquire Sea Cloud Cruises.

Prothero (also Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection's CEO) has not commented on his pursuit to buy Sea Cloud but said the brand was an attractive product.

During a media tour of Ritz-Carlton's first ship Evrima, he said it was a niche within a niche in luxury.

"It's a well-run organization. The ships are beautiful and we have the customers."

In Sea Cloud, Ritz-Carlton saw a chance to expand its relationship with Marriott International to include another luxury brand, according to a news release at the time.

Sea Cloud Spirit cruise ship

In 2021, Sea Cloud Cruises introduced its newest vessel - the 136-passenger Sea Cloud Spirit. The company also sails the 92-year-old Sea Cloud (a 64-guest ship) and the 94-guest Sea Cloud 2 (2011-built).

Evrima debuted in October 2022. Ritz-Carlton has lined up the release of 2 bigger sisterships - Ilma, scheduled for delivery in 2024, and Luminaria in 2025.