Nagasaki Port pilot dies after trying to board Diamond Princess cruise ship

   May 6, 2023 ,   Accidents

Nagasaki Port pilot fell in the water at ~5:30 Tokyo time (~20:30 UTC) on Friday, May 5th, while boarding Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess ship, which was about to enter Nagasaki (Japan).

The 69-year-old man was reportedly rescued by Diamond Princess' rescue boat, but two hours later, unfortunately, was declared dead.

The cruise ship docked at Nagasaki and left port the same day, bound for Yokohama.

Diamond Princess cruise ship

Diamond Princess' current voyage is an 8-day "Golden Week Circle Japan" roundtrip from Yokohama. Prices started from USD 640 with double occupancy. The itinerary started on April 29th, 2023, and ends on May 7th, 2023.

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