MSC's newest cruise ship MSC Euribia delivered by STX France

   June 2, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

On May 31st, 2023, the Cruise Division of MSC Group's subsidiary MSC Cruises and STX France (Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire) celebrated the delivery of MSC Euribia.

This delivery signifies a significant milestone in MSC's fleetwide efforts to reduce CO emissions and showcases the future of cruising. Euribia is the latest in the Meraviglia class and the second LNG-powered ship in the MSC's fleet.

LNG is currently the cleanest and most efficient commercially available fuel on a large scale. The ship incorporates cutting-edge environmental technologies, including advanced wastewater treatment systems and waste management processes. Its design also allows for easy integration of future sustainable innovations, such as carbon-neutral synthetic fuels and other alternative energy sources as they become commercially viable.

Compared to previous Meraviglia-design vessels, Euribia achieves even greater efficiency and is expected to outperform all other cruise ships worldwide, surpassing the latest requirements of the IMO Energy Efficiency Design Index. The 18-floors-high passenger liner emits up to 19% less greenhouse gas emissions per guest per day compared to its sister ships that utilize conventional marine fuels. This amounts to a remarkable 44% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per passenger per day compared to ships built just a decade ago.

MSC Euribia has been constructed with future adaptability in mind. While it currently runs on Liquefied Natural Gas, the ship's design allows for the seamless incorporation of renewable fuels that are not yet available, such as green methanol. State-of-the-art water and waste treatment facilities are also featured onboard, meeting the strictest international IMO standards, including the Baltic standard. The ship's wastewater is treated to a higher quality than many shoreside municipal systems, contributing to the preservation of the world's seas.

In an industry-first achievement, MSC Euribia will undertake a voyage with net zero greenhouse gas emissions. As the 22nd MSC cruise ship, Euribia will sail from St-Nazaire to Copenhagen Denmark, demonstrating that net-zero cruising is possible today.