MSC Euribia deck plans

Deck layouts, review of facilities, activities, amenities

MSC Euribia deck plan review at CruiseMapper provides newest cruise deck plans (2024-2025-2026 valid floor layouts of the vessel) extracted from the officially issued by MSC Cruises deckplan pdf (printable version).

Each of the MSC Euribia cruise ship deck plans are conveniently combined with a legend (showing cabin codes) and detailed review of all the deck's venues and passenger-accessible indoor and outdoor areas. A separate link provides an extensive information on MSC Euribia staterooms (cabins and suites), including photos, cabin plans and amenities by room type and category.

MSC Euribia (2023-built) is the third and last MERAVIGLIA PLUS-class vessel in MSC Cruises fleet, with sisterships MSC Grandiosa (2019) and MSC Virtuosa (2021).

MSC Euribia cruise ship deck plan shows 2421 staterooms for 4810 passengers (max capacity is 6327) served by 1704 crew-staff. The boat has 18 decks (15 passenger-accessible, 11 with cabins), 14 restaurants and food bars (including 5x MDRs dining rooms and 5x specialty), 21 lounges and bars, 4 swimming pools (1x sliding roof-covered, 1x MSC Yacht Club), 9 Jacuzzis (outdoor whirlpool hot tubs), 32 elevators (19 passenger lifts, including 1x MSC Yacht Club and 2x panoramic / glass-walled lifts in the Atrium).

The MSC ship Euribia has total service area 460,000 m2 (4,951398 million ft2) and public areas 35,000 m2 (376,736 ft2), or public area ratio 7,7 m2 (83 ft2) per passenger.

The following official MSC Cruises YouTube video release reviews the Meraviglia-class ships' best features and onboard amenities.

  • Among the dining options are “Butcher’s Cut” (new American steakhouse); new pastry bar/creperie (by celebrity chef Jean Philippe Maury), new “Kaito Sushi” restaurant, new “Kaito Teppanyaki” restaurant, a 20-hours a day open buffet restaurant.
  • The 4 swimming pools include a 25-m / 80 ft long Atmosphere pool, a 10-m / 33 ft long indoor pool (Bamboo pool) and the aft-located Horizon pool – the most generous open-deck area at sea.
  • Weekly, a total of 12 “Cirque du Soleil” circus acrobatic shows will be presented in the dedicated “Carousel Lounge”. The lounge is located aft on deck 7 (Promenade) and has capacity 120 seats for dinner (plus additional 290 seats reserved for drinks).
  • Balinese Spa complex is an 1100 m2 (11840 ft2) sized wellness area.

Each Meraviglia- and Meraviglia Plus-class ship is fitted with a total of 114 Interactive screens, 244 info screens, 31 virtual screens, 81 video wall monitors, 3050 iBeacons, 700 WAPs (wireless access points), 1200 CCTV cameras.

Rob - MSC Starship Club's humanoid robot bartender

Euribia is MSC's second liner (after Virtuosa) with MSC Starship Club (Starliner One Bar/spaceship-themed venue) served by the industry's first humanoid robot bartender - named Rob. MSC Starship Club provides integrated bar-and-entertainment experiences and its interior is marked by a cold-white ceiling, a digital art wall, 3D holographic projections, a 12-seat digital (touchscreen) table for personalized interactive galactic tours.

Rob mixes and serves cocktails while entertaining the guests by moving his body, head and arms (shaking-stirring-garnishing-pouring drinks) in a natural way. The humanoid barman speaks 8 languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese) and engages with his voice and human-like (LED face) expressions/emotions.

Between making and serving beverages, Rob interacts with the passengers, changes his facial expressions, even dances and tells jokes, riddles, cosmic facts and trivia. Orders are placed in vertical digital cockpits. The drinks are served in futuristic, custom-made (MSC branded) souvenir glasses. The humanoid bartender can prepare a total of 16 "cosmic cocktails" (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) plus personalized (made-to-order) drinks using 40+ ingredients.

Deck layouts

  • Deck 04 - Tendering-Hospital-Crew

    MSC Euribia Deck 04 - Tendering-Hospital-Crew
  • Deck 05 - Cabins-Lobby

    MSC Euribia Deck 05 - Cabins-Lobby
  • Deck 06 - Dining-Shops

    MSC Euribia Deck 06 - Dining-Shops
  • Deck 07 - Promenade-Spa-Carousel Lounge-Casino

    MSC Euribia Deck 07 - Promenade-Spa-Carousel Lounge-Casino
  • Deck 08 - Cabins

    MSC Euribia Deck 08 - Cabins
  • Deck 09 - Cabins

    MSC Euribia Deck 09 - Cabins
  • Deck 10 - Cabins

    MSC Euribia Deck 10 - Cabins
  • Deck 11 - Cabins

    MSC Euribia Deck 11 - Cabins
  • Deck 12 - Cabins

    MSC Euribia Deck 12 - Cabins
  • Deck 13 - Cabins

    MSC Euribia Deck 13 - Cabins
  • Deck 14 - Cabins-Bridge

    MSC Euribia Deck 14 - Cabins-Bridge
  • Deck 15 - Suites-Lido-Pools

    MSC Euribia Deck 15 - Suites-Lido-Pools
  • Deck 16 - Suites-Yacht Club1-Sports

    MSC Euribia Deck 16 - Suites-Yacht Club1-Sports
  • Deck 18 - Suites-Kids-Teens

    MSC Euribia Deck 18 - Suites-Kids-Teens
  • Deck 19 - Waterslides-Yacht Club2

    MSC Euribia Deck 19 - Waterslides-Yacht Club2

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