World’s Longest River Cruise now offered in segmented voyages

   July 13, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Antara Ganga Vilas, following its successful inaugural voyage, during which it sailed across 27 rivers in India and Bangladesh over a span of 51 days, is now introducing segmented cruises for the upcoming September 2023 season.

The cruise, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, successfully connected Varanasi and Dibrugarh via Dhaka, Bangladesh, marking the first time in over a century that this route has been traveled. The voyage, which accommodated 32 international guests, facilitated regional connectivity between the two countries and traversed 27 rivers within the Ganga and Brahmaputra river systems, setting world records and redefining the future of Indian travel experiences.

For the upcoming season, guests have the option to choose specific segments of Antara Ganga Vilas' enriching sailing programs. These segments will take them from Kolkata to Varanasi, passing through historically significant places like Murshidabad, Patna, and Buxar. This unique itinerary allows guests to explore the ancient city of Varanasi in luxurious comfort, surrounded by the majestic River Ganga. These departures will also be available in 2024, ensuring that more travelers can partake in this exceptional journey curated by Mr. Raj Singh.

The concept behind these segmented cruises is to provide guests with the opportunity to unpack only once while immersing themselves in a diverse sensory experience aboard MV Ganga Vilas. Through the tales of numerous cultures, the beauty of the river landscapes, and the distinctive services provided by Antara, guests will truly capture the essence of the regions they pass through. Raj Singh, the Chairman of Antara Cruises, explains that the idea is for guests to pack/unpack just once and yet immerse into a varied sensory experience through the stories of many cultures, the joys of the riverscapes and signature Antara services along the way that captures the essence of the passing region.

These itineraries reflect the brand's philosophy of contemporary cruising on ancient rivers, offering personalized services while embracing the concept of slow travel to discover the hidden treasures of the waterways and the surrounding shores.