China's Ministry of Transport officially approves resumption of international cruise shipping

   September 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

In a significant development, China's Ministry of Transport has granted official approval for the complete resumption of international cruise ship transportation to and from Chinese ports. This marks a pivotal milestone towards returning to normalcy following the global pandemic.

The reinstatement of international cruise transportation in China has been eagerly anticipated. Earlier this year, comprehensive trials were initiated to assess the feasibility and safety of reopening cruise operations. These trials were conducted at key ports in Shanghai and Shenzhen, serving as essential testing grounds to evaluate the effectiveness of health and safety protocols in preventing the transmission of COVID among both passengers and crew members.

In its official announcement, the Ministry outlined critical steps and guidelines that will shape the revival of the cruise industry. Local transport authorities at the designated cruise ship ports are tasked with formulating comprehensive plans for the restoration of international cruise transportation. These plans must undergo approval by local governments before the resumption of cruise operations can proceed.

Moreover, the Ministry's notice underscores the significance of efficient management within the cruise market. This entails continuous monitoring and regulation of the cruise industry to ensure not only its safety but also its sustainability. China's Ministry of Transport's announcement concerning the full resumption of international cruise ship operations represents a substantial leap forward for both the nation's tourism sector and the global cruise industry.