Windstar Cruises cancels inaugural season in the Middle East

   October 20, 2023 ,   Accidents

Windstar Cruises has been compelled to make the regrettable decision of canceling its much-anticipated inaugural season in the Middle East, which was originally scheduled to commence next month. The ongoing regional conflict and the evolving circumstances have, regrettably, led to this decision.

The company had planned to homeport Star Legend in Dubai UAE for a series of voyages starting on November 23, with the season extending through to April 2024. In light of these unforeseen challenges, Windstar opted to postpone the season.

One of the immediate effects of this decision is the rescheduling of the 10-day Sparkling Sands inaugural voyage from Dubai to Muscat Oman, which will now take place in 2024 (November 24th). Despite this change, the inaugural voyage will still maintain its special planned events and feature the presence of company executives.

Christopher Prelog (Windstar's President) stated that given the current environment and the uncertainty surrounding the developments in the region, they had made the difficult decision to postpone the inaugural season until the fall of 2024.

This adjustment underscores Windstar's commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its passengers.