VIDEO: MSC Opera Rams Tourist Boat in Venice

   June 2, 2019 ,   Accidents

A huge runaway MSC Cruises ship ran into a smaller boat in Venice Italy Sunday morning, June 2, injuring at least 4 people on the dockside.

The 66,000 GT, 2,700-passenger MSC Opera crunched into Uniworld's River Countess at 8:30 am, on Giudecca Canal, after ship's engines got stuck in "on" position. Giudecca leads to Saint Mark's Square in downtown Venice.

Videos show people running for their lives as the huge vessel crunches into the dock with the smaller boat in front. The bridge of MSC Opera continuously sounded its horn, implying the crew tried to warn people of the danger.

According to The Times, a small propeller on the side of MSC Opera used to move the ship sideways, got switched on by mistake. The tug boats tried to hold the vessel back but were no match for Opera's momentum, that snapped their ropes.

MSC Opera started her voyage from Venice on May 26 before visiting Kotor, Mykonos, Santorini, and Corfu.

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