Passenger Rescued after Jumping from MSC Cruises Ship

   June 20, 2019 ,   Accidents

An Irish female passenger who fell from an MSC Cruises ship into the Mediterranean Sea has been rescued by a fast-acting crew member.

The woman was on MSC Seaview in Port Genoa when on the evening of June 17 she "chose of her own will" to jump overboard.

MSC Seaview cruise ship

A staff member, who was an experienced sailor, dived in fast after the traveller and was able to save her. The woman was recovered in minutes and the medical staff provided the first medical care onboard. Shortly after, the patient was taken ashore for further medical attention, joined by her family, who were also on Seaview at the time of the accident.

The liner continued her journey and arrived at the Italian port of La Spezia on the morning of June 18.

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