400 Ferry Passengers Evacuated After Running Aground En Route from Ibiza

   August 18, 2019 ,   Accidents

A Spanish ferry carrying hundreds of tourists and their cars ran aground en-route from Ibiza to Mallorca, leading to a dramatic rescue effort throughout the night by the Spanish CG (coast guard) and other emergency services.

The Balearia-owned fast ferry Pinar del Rio ran aground close to Benidorm Spain. The grounding occurred Friday night, August 16, as the ship prepared to dock in the harbour with 393 travellers and 70 vehicles onboard.

Port of Benidorm (Spain)

No one has been hurt in the accident, but the crew and Spanish CG immediately launched the rescue operation. According to Balearia, all passengers were unharmed and evacuated on coast guard vessels and on the company’s tug boat. Balearia insisted there had been no fuel spill in the harbour, though precautionary measures are still implemented.

Local authorities are inquiring into the accident, as divers are working on how to refloat Pinar del Rio and bring the ship into the port. Meanwhile, the ferry company has relocated its passengers to other vessels.

Last June, Pinar del Rio also ran aground off San Antonio, Ibiza, with no major injuries.