Ports in Florida Set Conditions to 'Whiskey'

   August 30, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

The danger alert from hurricane Dorian to Florida during Labor Day weekend put many cruise ports in Florida on “Whiskey” status. Technically, the status means that there is a threat perceived from sustained winds with a speed between 39-54 mph within 72 hours.

As on Thursday, August 29, the Whiskey status reflects the higher threat level from the hurricane. The affected ports include Jacksonville, Canaveral, Everglades, Manatee, Miami, and Tampa.

Although ports and other facilities remain open, Whiskey mandates large vessels to be on alert and make plans to leave the cruise port and let know smaller cruise ships that they consider seeking safe harbor elsewhere.

Port of Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades, Florida)

Many cruise ship operators are currently watching the storm closely. Some have already made changes to the itineraries.