How Much Did Dorian Cost Royal Caribbean?

   October 31, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Hurricane Dorian cost RCI-Royal Caribbean International USD 27 million in July-August-September 2019, the company revealed on Wednesday, October 30.

RCI cancelled 3 Florida ports over a weekend as the hurricane approached, and diverted 6 liners to deliver supplies to the Bahamas and evacuate people from Nassau. RCI donated USD 1 million toward relief efforts.

Port of Nassau (New Providence Island, Bahamas)

Dorian will cost RCI ~USD 30 million overall of this year. Despite the losses due to the storm, RCI reported "record" 2019-Q3 earnings, with GAAP earnings USD 4,20 per share and adjusted earnings USD 4,27 per share. In August 2019, the hurricane devastated Bahamas, leading to several hundred people missing, at least 61 deaths, ~USD 7 billion in damages.