Crystal Endeavor's 2022 Deployment Announced

   November 7, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Crystal Yacht Cruises announced a preview of the complete deployment for its Polar expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor. The 2022 cruise program of the ship’s all-inclusive itineraries is available for booking on November 13 with prices beginning at USD 6,300 per person.

The 200-passenger luxury cruise ship offers 28 cruises (9 to 19 nights in length) with ~2/3 of these advertized as “Remote Expeditions” visiting Antarctica, the Arctic, Svalbard Norway, Greenland, Iceland, the Falkland Islands, Chilean Patagonia (fjords and glaciers). The designated voyages focus on remote adventures with Zodiac boat landings, volcano explorations, hikes, wildlife viewing.

Of the remaining itineraries, “Cultural Discovery” are themed on the region's history, traditions and people, while “Destination Exploration” highlight the destination's natural beauty. These itineraries visit Africa’s Ivory Coast, Western Europe, British Isles, Panama Canal, Caribbean. All feature expert guided lectures from the cruise ship's expedition team.

Highlights of the 2022 collection of global journeys include:

  • NEW Arctic Collection of 8 cruises, with itineraries navigating Norway's fjords to Svalbard and the Arctic Circle; another one exploring Norway, Iceland, and Svalbard via Brasvellbreen and the Greenland Sea; intensive Iceland itinerary crossing the Arctic Circle, Greenland’s east coast fjords and glaciers as well as northern Canada itineraries.
  • New “river expedition” on 2 cruises, with one itinerary sailing up Guadalquivir to dock in Seville for 2 nights and 3 full days, along with overnights in Lisbon and Bordeaux and visits to Morocco, Spain and Portugal; another cruising to Nantes on Loire River, overnighting in Bordeaux via Garonne River and spending 2 nights in Amsterdam, along with visits to Brittany and Channel Islands.
  • New Africa collection of 3 voyages, exploring Africa’s forested islands, Ivory Coast, and Gold Coast. The trade history, culture, and art of Angola, Kakum National Park in Ghana, the beaches and forests of Sierra Leone and Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary provide an in-depth exploration of the natural treasures of the region.
  • New South American west coast exploration on 3 cruises, one journey combining the natural beauty of Darien Jungle in Panama and the Utria National Park in Colombia with Peru’s pre-Colombian UNESCO Sites; another one venturing past glaciers, into the Chilean fjords and Patagonia, and around Cape Horn; and another unveiling the mysterious Nazca Lines and Chilean Lake Region around Puerto Montt.
  • 9 voyages to Antarctica, including the Falkland Islands, Weddell Sea, Antarctic Peninsula, and South Georgia. Offered from January through March 2022 and from November 2022 through January 2023, the new itineraries allow for opportunistic exploration based on wildlife sightings, conditions for landings, and guidance from expedition leaders.