Details Unveiled on First Roller Coaster at Sea

   November 22, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

The first roller coaster at sea will boast motorcycle-inspired vehicles along with the option for riders to choose their speed.

Carnival Cruise Line officials recently unveiled new details concerning the Bolt coaster, which will debut onboard the line's Mardi Gras ship in August next year. The ride will be part of a 2-deck high playground that will include mini-golf, water park, 600-foot long rope course, and more.

The first-ever roller coaster at sea will feature an 800-foot-long track. Each ride vehicle will have 2 seats and a yellow lightning bolt that runs across. The track is expected to sit 187 feet above the sea and offer passengers the opportunity to experience hairpin turns, drop, and dips at speeds of up to 40 mph. Cameras will be situated along the 800-foot track, so riders will have lots of photo options.

Bolt will become the centerpiece at the cruise ship’s Ultimate Playground - one of 6 themed zones being built on Mardi Gras. Further details on the zones will be unveiled in the coming months.

The building is ongoing in Finland. The vessel is expected to enter service in Europe on August 31, 2020. From there, Mardi Gras will be stationed in New York City before she moves to Port Canaveral in October for year-round 7-day Caribbean sailings.