Luftner Cruises Announces 17th Passenger Ship

   January 10, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Luftner-Amadeus Cruises signed with Shipyard De Hoop BV (Lobith, Holland) a deal for the construction of a new riverboat scheduled for delivery in 2021-Q1. The newbuild will be Luftner fleet's 17th vessel (sistership to the 2020-built Amadeus Imperial) and deployed primarily on the rivers Rhine and Danube.

The ship name - Amadeus Cara - originates from the Latin for “precious” and “valuable.” It was chosen to underline the family business’ commitment to luxury river ships. The appreciation for passengers is expressed not only in the exclusive premium fittings and the innovative design of the new ship, but also the line’s feel-good philosophy.

Luftner Cruises, which boasts 40 years’ experience in shipbuilding operates one of the most contemporary fleets in Europe that is internationally popular for its 5-star character. DeHoop Shipyard has been a reliable partner for years.

Luftner's Amadeus fleet of riverboats operates along Belgian and Dutch waterways, also in France (Rhone, Saone) and the rivers Moselle, Rhine, Main and Danube. In 2013, the Luftner-Amadeus itinerary program for the first time included Seine River cruises (roundtrips from Paris City).

The maiden cruise of the Amadeus Cara will be an 8-day “Danube Rhapsody” sailing roundtrip from Passau at the end of April 2021. The ship will be cruising on Danube River to Black Sea, and between homeports Amsterdam and Basel for the remaining season.