Ferry Route Linking Cyprus and Greece Takes Shape

   January 31, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

The ferry route linking mainland Greece and Cyprus Island is finally taking shape. The proposal was initially brought forward in 2019. It has not only been considered and accepted but concrete details have started emerging.

The future of the ferry line was in doubt from the get-go as similar proposals have been considered for about 20 years and none of them were realized as they were deemed pointless or inefficient. Greek and Cypriot authorities are currently working hard to establish the ferry link and get it up and running by the summer months.

Thanks to EU funding, it will no longer be necessary for the route to make a profit and instead, it can keep fares low and attract clients that would otherwise not travel, such as students and other people who deem the cost of plane tickets to be high.

Cyprus' deputy minister for shipping Natasa Pilides recently announced the price of a 2-way ticket on the ferry was estimated at ~EUR 130. 

Port of Piraeus (Athens, Greece)

The Cypriot government is awaiting a response from the EC regarding the funding request. Once approval has been granted, the government will be able to start looking for operators to run the route between Limassol and Piraeus.

State officials are also estimating that travel time between the 2 stops will be around the 30-hour ballpark. The midway stop on Rhodes is under consideration. The ferry will sail on a weekly basis during the summer (between May and September) and will service the route once every couple of weeks throughout the rest of the year.