Norway Clears AIDA Cruises Passengers After Two Tested Negative for COVID-19

   March 4, 2020 ,   Accidents

Passengers on an AIDA Cruises liner berthed in southern Norway were cleared out of a 24-hour quarantine after two of them tested negative for Coronavirus/COVID-19, Norwegian officials announced on Tuesday, March 3.

On Monday, officials in Haugesund learned that 2 passengers on AIDAaura had contact with someone a week ago who tested positive for Coronavirus. The infected was not among the ~1200 passengers on AIDAaura. The two cruisers were disembarked and tested for COVID-19 while the other remained blocked on the ship.

Teis Qvale, a doctor with Haugesund municipality, said there was no need to keep the cruise passengers in quarantine. AIDAaura was scheduled to leave Haugesund on Monday.

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